The E.C. McCoid "Field of Dreams" Collection

Captivated by the great American pastime as a child, Eugene Calvin “E.C.” McCoid (March 13, 1900 - October 18, 1966) earliest recollections include seeing his beloved Chicago Cubs win back to back World Series Championships in 1907 and 1908. Years later, he did extensive research on the team with the intention of writing a definitive and accurate history of the Cubs. Always a student of the game, E.C. wanted to keep track of all professional baseball players, not just those in the major leagues, and began subscribing to The Sporting News in 1914. It is believed that through his subscription, he was able to acquire the presented cards.

Although Dave was aware of the existence of these cards, he was unsure of where they were. In 1990, he discovered them in his attic and preserved them in an album. Also found was an extensive collection of baseball periodicals and scorecards including guides dating back as early as 1864 and marked scorecards from 1910-1930, some of which feature Babe Ruth in left field and Wally Pipp and Lou Gehrig at first base.

With such rare and well-preserved specimens from the early 20th Century making their introduction to the sports card hobby, it seems fitting that this magnificent collection originates within 50 miles of Iowa City, where “Shoeless” Joe Jackson made his return in W.P. Kinsella’s celebrated novel. Direct from “where dreams come true,” Mile High Card Company is proud to present the E.C. McCoid “Field of Dreams” Collection.

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October 2013