Beer Box I Find

While several of these full and near full wax boxes are extremely rare and haven’t been offered for public sale in recent memory, others were not even known to exist until now. The collection comes from a consignor whose relatives owned and operated a confectionary company that produced trading cards, though they weren’t a direct national competitor to Topps, Fleer or Bowman in the sports card market when these boxes hit the store shelves. In order to improve their own product, company executive looked to “the big three” for research and inspiration by acquiring boxes of their product, putting some away for future evaluation and opening a few packs of others to examine the quality of the cards, the gum and the packaging. It’s certainly conceivable that they were considering entering the national sports card market but were dissuaded by the seemingly endless disputes and litigation between the competing companies over player contracts. In any event, all of this unopened material has been locked away ever since, and as most other examples have all but disappeared over the course of the last half-century, this collection has emerged in its original state.

Baseball Card Exchange owner Steve Hart, widely recognized as the foremost authority of unopened material, has examined each of these lots and verified their authenticity by sealing the full boxes and adding their stamp of approval or providing a Letter of Authenticity and wrapping the near full boxes. In each case, BBCE has determined that all of the material grades between NM and MINT. There is no knowing when or even if an event like this will ever happen again, so please take the opportunity presented before you and enjoy the auction!