Brian Goldner Collection

Just like every other kid who started watching the game and playing in their first tee-ball league, Brian Goldner caught the baseball card bug. To see your favorite players on television and then pulling their card out of a fresh pack is a joy we can all identify with. And as Brian got older, he expended his collection past the latest offering at the local candy store. At 9 years old he acquired his first tobacco card, and his passion for baseball card collecting was born.

But Brian’s route toward assembling a world-class collection wasn’t of traditional means. He went to the local card shows and found that most dealers, if they weren’t offering contemporary cards, were usually just hitting the popular vintage cards: Goudeys, early Topps and Bowmans, and maybe a few T206s sprinkled in here and there. But to Brian, it wasn’t about investment potential but eye appeal. He patiently waited to find items that he found appealing, snapping up T3 Turkey Reds, Obaks and lesser known food and caramel issues when they came up, relatively inexpensive as they weren’t actively sought by most collectors but offered incredible artwork and a bold spectrum of color.

Over time, his financial means allowed him to expand his collection by adding many Hall of Famers and building complete and near complete sets, many of which are only 25 to 50 card collections. And while mostly mid-grade, their relative scarcity, in comparison to tobacco cards of the same time period, make them some of the highest graded specimens on record. He even acquired several elite specimens from the T206 “Southern Find”, a collection of NM/MT and MINT cards rumored to be in such pristine condition because they were smuggled out of the printing factory and never packaged.

Mile High Card Company is proud to present the Brian Goldner collection, over 900 lots of late 19th to mid 20th century cards from various issues not easily found online or at shows. Many are a breakup of complete or near complete sets, with examples from traditional collections like Goudey, Diamond Stars, T206, Cracker Jack and Play Ball joined by cards from more obscure sets like Buchner Gold Coin, E102 Set of 25, Dockman & Sons, E101 Set of 50, Croft’s Candy, Nadja Caramels, Philadelphia Caramel, Obak, Briggs Co. Lozenge, American Caramel, Mello Mint, Standard Caramel, Tip Top Bread, George Close Candy, Brunners Bread, U.S. Caramel, Glendale Meats and of course, T3 Turkey Red. This is a wonderful opportunity for the advanced set-builder to finally acquire one of those elusive cards that they’re searched for over years, most in top-notch condition for their respective sets. We hope you enjoy perusing the stunning selection of cards that lie ahead.