Newly Discovered 1923 Babe Ruth Fully Handwritten Letter PSA/DNA 9 MINT In Mile High Card Company December Auction

Castle Rock, CO - One of the most significant autographed pieces of Babe Ruth memorabilia to come along in years, a 1923 letter completely handwritten and signed by Babe Ruth with a grade of PSA/DNA 9 MINT, will be the feature attraction of Mile High Card Company’s December auction. “Almost all known Babe Ruth letters are typed and bear his signature at the bottom. This is one of just a few fully handwritten letters known and it’s the best!” said MHCC President and CEO Brian Drent.

According to MHCC’s research, only three other handwritten Babe Ruth letters are known to exist and none carry the extraordinarily baseball content offered here nor present as cleanly to warrant a MINT designation from PSA/DNA. Also, just one other (a business letter to the Peacock Motion Picture Company in China) is handwritten on Babe Ruth letterhead.

Virtually perfect from start to finish, the September 26, 1923 letter is addressed to Harry Neily, lead sportswriter for the Chicago American who cast his vote for Ruth to win the American League MVP award. The letter is a heartfelt thank you to Neily for his vote and a pledge to “… keep right on trying, I don't want anybody to say your vote was a mistake.” While history often portrays Ruth as an immature man-child that lacked the social graces of adulthood, this letter proves there was another side to “The Sultan of Swat” that went undiscovered now; a humble man expressing gratitude and respect that his enormous achievements were recognized and appreciated. It was the only time Ruth would take MVP honors since players couldn’t win more than once until the rule was changed in 1931. The auction is set to open on November 20th and conclude on December 7th.

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