Unprecedented 1965 Topps Football Complete Wax Box Highlights “Beer Box II” Collection in Mile High Card Company September Auction

Castle Rock, CO - Dubbed “The Beer Box Find” by the media for being stored in a 1960’s Stroh’s beer box, the collection was led by a nearly full 1948 Bowman baseball wax box that netted just over $900,000 in total sales. Now Mile High Card Company is ready to present the sequel, even bigger and better than the original. With an incredible 1965 Topps football complete wax box leading the way and the addition of significant unopened material from the non-sports side of the hobby, the September MHCC auction will be the grand unveiling of “Beer Box II.”

As well, a nearly full 1965 Topps football wax box (21/24) will also be offered, as well as a 1960 Leaf Baseball Full Unopened Wax Box, 1962 Topps Baseball Bucks Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (119/120), two 1964 Topps Football Nearly Full Unopened Wax boxes (23/24 and 19/24), 1964 Topps Baseball Photo Tattoos Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (103/120), 1971 Topps Baseball Nearly Full First Series Unopened Wax Box (23/24), and the only known 1968 Topps Test Basketball Unopened Pack.

Collectors of unopened non-sports material will be equally amazed by the September MHCC auction with full and near full wax boxes of issues that have not have not been seen in decades, led by a 1964 Topps Outer Limits full wax box. Other items include 1960s Topps Real Wood Plaks Nearly Full Wax Box (20/24), 1963 Topps Beverly Hillbillies Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (23/24), extremely rare 1964 Beatles Plaks Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (26/36), 1965 Fleer Gomer Pyle Full Unopened Wax Box, 1965 Topps Gilligan's Island Partial Unopened Wax Box (15/24), 1967 Topps Funny Travel Posters Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (23/24), 1968 Topps Batty Bookcovers Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (23/24), exceptionally rare 1969 Topps Wacky Ads Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (21/24) with Scarce "Good and Empty" Showing and 1970 Topps Funny Doors Nearly Full Unopened Wax Box (21/24).

The consignment deadline for Mile High Card Company’s September auction is July 30th at the 38th National Sports Card Convention in Chicago, where one lucky consignor will win a 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle PSA AUTHENTIC valued at $10,000. With each $500 of value consigned to the September MHCC auction, you’ll earn one ticket for the drawing. The larger the consignment, the more tickets you’ll receive, but everyone who consigns to MHCC at the National will be entered. For additional information, please visit our website at www.milehighcardco.com or call our office at (303) 840-2784.